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Is it too late to say Happy New Year when it’s almost Valentine’s Day?  I don’t think so! So Happy New Year everyone. Hope you are all very well!

Now on to the topic at hand…this post is a love note to those out there who helped me and continue to support me…all of you are included!  I think you are officially called “caregivers:” moms, dads, spouses, partners, friends.  We love our docs, nurses, phlebotomists, etc. but it’s their business to look after us and they do it well and with panache.

You guys are there just for the fun of it, not paid participants or professionals.  For some, this is not an easy job, who wants to see their loved ones suffer – no one.  To act with grace under this type of pressure takes control and is very difficult.  Some have it, others don’t.  That’s why most people react in such different ways when informed of a friend’s illness – some disappear and some are over-the-top present.  I have said before in this very blog that you mustn’t judge your friends on how they react – you never know the story behind the reaction.

One thing is for sure – it is rare that anyone takes any heed of how the caregivers are feeling.  Almost no one calls and asks how they are doing.  If, on the off chance, someone actually does, it for a rare second and then onto how the patient is.  The University of Pennsylvania Hospital provides Reiki for those having chemo and radiation, it is also offered to the patients’ caregiver.  Still a lot never wanted to do it, I think maybe they feel guilty that they don’t deserve having a little indulgence.   This is far from the truth, without them, we, the patient, would have no one.  So my advice is take advantage of the free stuff, it’s ok to have a treat.  Your charge is not going to be unhappy if you get a break once in a while.  We need you to be fit and ready to take care of us. You can’t do that if you are suffering as well.

So Happy Valentine’s Day all you.

Smack, smack, smack (defined as an enthusiast kiss!)



My Valentine Louboutins!

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