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Lucky me, I was that rare case who was diagnosed with both Non-Hodgkin’s (1996) and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (2012). NHL is not curable but HL is….thus the chemo.  I live in London but am having my treatment at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman Center under the care of Dr. Stephen Schuster.  I have been under the watchful eye of Dr. John Leonard at New York Hospital and Professor John Gribben in London, as well for the past six years.  I chose to receive my treatment in Philadelphia since my family lives here and it is super convenient.  All the doctors are superb and I can highly recommend all of the them.  They have all worked together to make me sane.

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Eliana says:

    U r a strong girl ! U can win it ! And I LOVE yr shoes….especially the orange one :-)) !!!! I am shoes’ addicted too ! HOw many pairs do u have ?? XXX Eliana

  2. Francesca says:

    I’m with you! I had a Hodgkin’s Lynphoma twelve years ago and, of course, it has not been a good period but I’m here happy and stronger than before. Wear your Louboutin and go straight on! XOX Francesca

  3. Rosalba says:

    Yes, Ucan! Be Strong! With Lov’..XOXO Rosalba

  4. Cin says:

    You start with “Lucky me”! extraordinary! I would like that some of my friends can understand english language to read your blog…I will supply!

  5. Leslie lm says:

    I am so wishing I had found your blog earlier. Not sure how I missed it or how I ended up on it tonight. I havent gotten all they way through yet but it’s great. I don’t think I have ever replied on a blog but I feel compelled to say hello for several reasons besides thanking you. i am also a patient of Prof Gribben for HL.
    Imagine you are headed to Reunions shortly. (I am married to a Princeton boy) I imagine you have loads of support but i know how hard it is to “come out” I just did in a room of 350 beautifully dressed women at a CRUK i have attended since it began several years ago. My first time in public in months. I was the only one who has been wearing a turban, and not because I am so fashion forward, but i had no hair and just am so over my wig. I am also rocking a hideous steroid moon face and swollen up like a big old toad. I had to pretend to be braver with it than I was and definitely had some of those shocked looks etc. So will be thinking of you and sending strong vibes your way.
    Looking forward to more of your blog. all the best, Leslie

    • SLS says:

      Hi there, Did you get my reply? I was in Italy for work and the internet connection was terrible. Thank you so much for this. Are you going back for Reunions with your husband? Would love to meet you! Email me.


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