RL Ponytail


I cut this Ralph Lauren ad out of a magazine about thirty years ago and I still have it hanging on my wall. It has traveled with me from New York to London and it is pinned up overlooking me while I write this. There is something so chic and timeless about it that I love.  I have always had long hair and still to this day I love it on women – no matter the age.  That was old Susan – pre-chemo – long, luscious locks dyed blondish.  You can see it in my posts from before.

It’s finally coming back!



OK – the truth is it’s not back, back but last week was the first time I could use a hair band to put it up.  I started wearing my wig September 2012, stopped wearing it February 2013.  Seven months later it is finally long enough to put back into a ponytail.

A few friends were over for dinner and one actually stopped mid-sentence and said, “Your hair is officially long now!”  I do feel totally self-absorbed but it is all about you when you are looking and trying to feel like yourself again.  Unless you had short hair in the first place, it just takes time, and sometimes time is a precious commodity.

So finally I feel a little more like me. I even blew it dry the other day an, although, it was not so glorious as the ponytails above, it’s getting there.  I am leaving it curly – too tough to battle those chemo curls – and embracing the body.

Still I am longing for the day when I can tie my hair back in a ribbon and my black sweater is covered with stray long hairs.  You will be the first to know.

Here is how I look now:


Here is the infamous first ponytail, not quite alla Ralph Lauren yett!





4 thoughts on “THE FIRST TIME IN AGES

  1. Suzi says:

    Susan – you always look lovely ! Long hair – short hair …… its the Susan that counts !! X

  2. Stephanie Morris says:

    Mazel tov on the pony tail! I totally understand how you feel. And I agree with Suzi! You always look chic!

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