This week’s Rituxan #3 only took three hours and went without a hitch.  Truth be told, the Benedryl so knocked me out that I was asleep for most of the time.  This made it go even faster!  I hope I sleep the last time as well.

Chemo 8 came a week later and I was ready for it, even excited.  As it was the end of what’s called Cycle 4, the entire family came to the hospital with me.  I was a bit worried because my skin was itching and burning because of a flare up of the flagellate rash.  It was driving me insane.

The doctor emerged with an entourage behind him, as always – interns, nurses and fellows joining us.  He looked at my skin and then they all came to the conclusion that it was probably the Rituxan exacerbating the rash.  Sometimes with Rituxan, a bug bite can become a huge deal…larger, itchier, redder.  As I was probably the only person in the world with both HL and Non-HL and Flagellate who was getting chemo and Rituxan at the same time, there was no one else he could ask.

So the lowdown for the next course of treatment would be as follows: two weeks from today’s chemo I was to have a PET/CT scan.  The results would tell me what my future would hold. The doctor said that given my skin situation there was a 5% chance that the Hodgkin’s was back (very unlikely he said), 5% chance that the scar tissue that was left would be reduced so significantly that I would need more chemo and a 90% chance that the scan would remain unchanged from the last and that I would have radiation in four to six weeks.

90% is 90%.  To me, that meant that this was the last chemo. In my head, plans were being made: scan, London, relax, radiation, DONE, London, my life back.  I started to rsvp for parties and make dinner reservations in London.  I even set up an Ocado delivery. I could see my boy, friends, sort out my mail, change my clothes and shoes, do all the normal stuff that makes up a life.

I had brought in delicious PA peaches from Bucks County for the nurses and went willingly into the chemo room…IV arm ready!

I had timed it so well.  I had the last of of the Louboutins at the ready.  The seasons are changing here so the days of open toe shoes are getting short.  As you can see from the outfit, I am wearing trousers (which are busting out of me because I have gained so much weight) and am in all black – Fall is here now.  I bought a wig but it is getting highlighted to look like my hair so still in the scarf/do rag combo.  Will have the wig next week ready for London.

Never in my life was I so excited to get constipation, nausea and leg cramps!  It’s almost over!

Rituxan #4 went like a dream as well…slept like a baby…last infusion before a well-needed break.


Seeing the top of the mountain, the fans cheers as the finish line emerges ahead of you, the last five pounds lost…nothing is so sweet right now!

Plans make up a life…a normal life without heartache and suffering is what we all want.

Surviving to see another season is something people usually don’t think about.  Most complain – it’s getting cold, it’s getting hot.  Try to enjoy it for what it is. How sad it would be if there was no snow, no rain, no leaves falling, no flowers blooming.

2 thoughts on “THE GOOD NEWS??

  1. Lizzie says:

    See You Soon Love:-D xxx

  2. do says:

    A smile from Italy!

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