I don’t know why I am finding this last posting so hard to write.  It should be easy.  I’m done treatment. The End.

The whole Proton experience came and went without chemo or Louboutins, so I feel kind of like a fraud writing about it.  Everyday I got up super early, threw on black leggings and white sneakers and went to my session.  I did walk back from treatment to my parent’s apartment (almost two miles)…still that was no excuse for ugly footware.  Mr. Louboutin designs sneakers –of which, sadly, I have none.  It would have been

New Year’s is usually thought of as a time to start anew (thus, the NEW in New Year’s) with projects and plans and resolutions.  I just want to go back to April 2012 – home from holiday, kissed by the southwest sun of Arizona and the Grand Canyon, ready to go back to work.  A time when I was clueless about what was to come.

I return to London this next week to begin the process of “getting back to normal.  This involves trying to convince myself that I look like a middle-aged Jean Seberg and the weight I gained will slough off.    After four weeks, radiation has only left me with a slight sore throat and some “sun” burned skin around my chest.  “All this will be healed soon,” promise my doctors.

Did wearing Louboutins  make me feel and look glamorous?  Yes, it did.  Am I still filled with fear even now that I am going home?  Yes and I am certain I will always feel that way

Still there is one thing I can guarantee – no more dust covered Louboutins waiting for an invitation to be worn.


There are some people and things that deserve special recognition:

I could not have gone through this and come out the other side without all of you…the parents, boyfriend, friends, those who read and commented on this blog

Everyone at HUP (Hospital of U of Penn), especially the chemo nurses, proton 4 ladies, and the doctors who are trying to cure me and their teams.

Without Facetime, Skype and every other software and/or device that let me keep one foot in the UK – allowing me to speak to my friends and watch Strictly Come Dancing at the same time!

These I pass along to the people I met at the Proton Center…who are still going through treatment.

For those of you who do not know me personally and have questions about how I am and what I am doing – you can always check out Best Bits Worldwide (!

Thank you everyone!

4 thoughts on “NO EXCUSES NOW

  1. edie says:

    You are my brave friend. Can’t wait to have you back in London!!!

  2. I know about that fear and how it lingers, but keep charging forward in those gorgeous shoes and defy it’s hold. Good luck to you! Remember, if you need emotional support for ‘the after’ – there are many resources available online, including our community. ~Catherine

  3. barbara says:

    Good luck
    I hope you’ll feel good

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